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Sustainability & Wellbeing

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Among the many initiatives that will contribute to The Montreal Terraces achieving its sustainable outcomes, this will include:

  • Obtaining sustainably soured power from the grid and managing it internally via an embedded power network.

  • Utilising the storage capacity of the nearby battery on the neighbouring lot.

  • Passive building design principles such as orientation and cross ventilation.

  • Further optional buyer upgrades to further enhance low carbon and sustainability outcomes.

The combination of all these progressive initiatives will result in a more comfortable home living environment, lower carbon living, energy bill savings and better connection with your community.

Community Wellbeing

Montreal Terraces will feature many private and communal outdoor areas crafted to enhance interaction with neighbours and the wellbeing of all those who are a part of The Montreal Terraces and wider community.
A free-standing barbeque and picnic-style seating will be situated under flourishing trellises, interfacing and looking into the landscape corridor with 
neighbouring apartment building.
These trellises continue throughout the lane-way to create an abundance of landscaping and vegetation. There will be opportunities for residents to grow their own plants and share amongst others.

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